Postpartum Care

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"No doubt that pregnancy and childbirth changes our bodies, at least temporarily. After greeting this beautiful baby into your life, Moms are often left with feeling that their bodies have transformed, and not always in a good way. Weakness, pain, incontinence, and of course the trauma on the body from childbirth can leave Mom"s asking "Is this normal?" and "Will I ever get my former body back?"Physical therapy can help postpartum women regain strength, stability, and maximize healing so that you can function the way you need and want to in life. Not only can we give the advice to meet the physical needs of recovering from childbirth, but also parenting, and how to help you return to the pleasurable aspects of your life such as exercise, socializing and of course a healthy sex life once again. You can expect us to listen to your concerns and goals and evaluate you to find limitations, restrictions, weakness, pain to develop a program just for you. We are skilled manual therapists with over 43 years of combined experience in physical therapy and pelvic health.Scarring can result from Cesarean section (C-section), episiotomy, and perineal tears which are common during childbirth."

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