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"Life, and all of the beautiful, messy and challenging pieces that make it up, can be inherently difficult. It can be rewarding, joyful and incredible as well but also hard. It is full of challenges, hurdles, responsibilities, experiences (both good and bad), lessons and missteps. Those components are tricky to navigate at your very best and can seem impossible at your worst. There are things you can do to lighten the load and make it all seem more manageable, and there are also things you can do to achieve the opposite. A common challenge that we as human beings face daily, is our relationship with ourselves. It is natural to be swept up in the jobs you have, the relationships you are in and the responsibilities you face in any aspect of your life. But one often over-looked, and incredibly crucial step to living a happy and healthy life, is acknowledging how we show up for ourselves emotionally, physically and mentally. One of the most powerful and beneficial things you can do for yourself and your future is to be on your own team and while there are infinite ways to do that, practicing self-compassion is one of the most important and impactful. In this post, you"re going to learn all about practicing self-compassion; what it really means, why you need to work at it in your life and just how to do it."

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