Prenatal Bonding

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"Prenatal Bonding (BA) starts at about the 20th week of pregnancy. The pregnant woman lies on a comfortable couch in a relaxed position with the intention to focus on her inner perceptions. With the help of the facilitator, she focuses on her awareness and senses a connection directly to the baby through images, colors and movements. Images become more frequent, creating a flow of information and communication between the mother and the unborn thus creating the "umbilical cord of both souls". Mothers find out how their babies are developing, what they are feeling and needing and whether their experiences need love and protection. This enables a dialogue with the unborn, that continues throughout a lifetime.
Research has shown that Prenatal Bonding promotes:
A stronger bonding and attachment with your child, even with unexpected interruptions during pregnancy and birth
Deeper understanding of your baby"s needs during and after birth
Calmer babies, better sleep cycles
Greater ease in the birth process for baby and mother
Significant reduction in post-partum depression
Fewer C-sections
Parents avoid passing historical trauma and their own trauma to their baby, and future generation

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