Probiotics and Gut Health.

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"Recent research shows that an unhealthy digestive system (gut) is linked to several different disease states. Maintaining a healthy gut is one of the best ways to stay healthier and can potentially help people to live longer. A healthy diet is important to maintaining a good functioning gut, but getting daily probiotics through certain foods and supplementation is also very important. Below are some common questions and answers that many people have when it comes to Probiotics and gut health.First, having a poor diet is the biggest culprit to an unhealthy digestive system. Overeating, a diet high in sugar and grains, preservatives, alcohol, processed foods, inadequate fiber, and overcompensation of animal-based protein, especially hard processed like lunch meats all contribute to bad gut health. Antibiotics can also cause our digestive system to weaken. We take antibiotics to kill infections, but it also kills the good bacteria in our gut. Finally, Cancer treatment therapies such as radiation and chemotherapy can lead to an unhealthy digestive system."

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