Psychedelic Integrative Therapy

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"We help you prepare for your healing journey, and offer supportive sessions to assist you in integrating your psychedelic experiences into daily life. Our services are focused on deep healing work, mindfulness, empowerment, spirituality, and transformation.Energy Healing (Chakra Assessment, balancing, and Tune-Up, Shamanic Healing - Crystal Extractions, Vibrational & Harmonic Sound Healing), Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy (Implanting relaxed & whole sense of self, overcome self-limiting beliefs, regression sessions, soul retrieval, & inner child empowerment), Neurofeedback (Low-Frequency, Synchrony Training and Integrative Healing Sessions with Alpha-Theta), Counseling & Coaching (professional counseling, and guidance on self-healing, personal growth, meditation, spirituality, transformative cognitive-mindfulness strategies, and exploring life purpose)."

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