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Purest Botanical is a wholesale supplier of herbs and natural spices, empty capsules and oils. Where you can buy Organic Herbal Products. Order Now
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"Our denition of a herb is ""Any plant or part of a plant that can be used as medicine"". We Combine these herbs as well as taping on many years of clinical practice to determine what would best suit the individual. As medicine we incorporate herbal solutions alongside dietary advice to address imbalance and physical, emotional disorders in the body For us, by working holistically we can affect a far greater change in our our overall well being and health. In our overly polluted world we need not only remedies to heal our bodies but also we need to have ongoing Health Maintenance Programs. It is my belief that this is where herbs play a most important and vital role. Herbs can be taken on a daily basis in our foods, as teas, herbal wines, tinctures etc. for health maintenance. The leaves, owers,seeds, fruits, roots and rhizomes can also be eaten as foods. We work intuitively selecting herbs that suit the person based on what we pickup and also provide individual Herbal solutions, general solution and solutions for specic ailments as well as our in-house solutions. Herbal oils and herbal soaps are also part of our herbal solutions manufacturing NB- Some herbs are contra- indicated with specic Allopathic medications. If you are taking any prescription drugs, please contact us for safety information before ordering any of our Herbal solutions."

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