Qi and Blood

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Quoted From: http://www.ancientrivers.org/chinese-medicine.html

"Qi is the elusive, energetic substance that courses throughout our bodies. Some who can see it say it is a viscous, golden, milky substance. Qi is the energy that drives the Blood. It is the smooth flow of qi that denotes good health. If there is a blockage, known in Chinese Medicine as Stagnation, there can be all sorts of problems. If the Liver, who controls the smooth flow of Qi, gets backed up, all sorts of symptoms can ensue. Liver Qi Stagnation can cause: anger, irritability, sore ribs along the sides of the body, irregular menstruation, and headache along the sides of the head. The pulse may feel like a thin wire or guitar string striking your finger. The tongue may appear purplish. Blood is created from the Gu Qi of the food we eat and the water we drink, the energy from the air we breathe and our Kidney Jing, a congenital storehouse of Qi. When a woman is nursing a baby, it is said that her Blood transforms into milk. This is one reason we must watch to ensure the new mother is not Blood deficient. The classics say the Blood is the Mother of Qi and Qi is the Commander of Blood. They need each other to function and are mutually transformative. Blood deficiency can show up with pale skin/nails/tongue, dizziness, dry skin, bowel movements that look like rabbit pellets, scanty menses and fatigue."

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