Quiet Mind NeuroMeditation

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Quoted From: https://www.neuromeditationinstitute.com/quiet-mind-meditation

"The Quiet Mind NeuroMeditation style represents the stereotypical view of meditation: that of entering pure awareness or spaciousness without a constant stream of thoughts and images. These practices teach you how to let go and drop below the level of day-to-day consciousness, beyond even the realm of internal self-talk. It requires a relaxed state of mind and body in which we can just "be."
These practices quiet regions of the brain involved in processing the self or ego. The benefits of the Quiet Mind meditation style include a sense of calm and the reduction of both the amount and intensity of internal self-talk, thinking, analyzing, and processing, which allows you to live in the present.
Quiet Mind meditation practices may be particularly helpful for identity issues, eating and body image concerns, and obsessive or addictive tendencies."

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