Racial Identity/Racial Trauma

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Quoted From: https://www.insightnorthwest.com/priya-singh

"I work with people who want to enjoy healthier relationships but are having difficulty communicating. Part of that process is to understand the core dimensions of who you are as a unique person, and recognizing that all behavior makes sense in context. I apply my systemic therapy training in session by collecting pertinent information on many different areas of a client"s life. I am direct, yet gentle. I employ humor and take a casual approach to build rapport and therapeutic alliances to make people feel comfortable in the room. I am a trauma informed therapist and believe in the power of a client sharing their narrative, reframing situations through perspective-taking and regaining control. Additionally I incorporate forms of Experiential and Narrative therapy primarily and secondarily use Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Cognitive Based Therapy (CBT) as needed. I customize treatment, techniques and interventions with each and every client system I work with.I assist clients who are experiencing a range of presenting concerns, including: those who experience relationship issues, trauma, sexual assault, women"s issues, grief/loss, addiction, major life transitions, couples and family issues, depression and/or suicidal ideation, anxiety and/or panic attacks, gender related dynamics or questions, lack of emotional or sexual fulfillment, a longing for purpose or direction, loneliness and more. As a woman of color born to immigrant parents, I work with people of all backgrounds, and am pleased to welcome anyone who identifies as being part of any racial, ethnic, religious, or sexual minority groups."

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