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"Reusi Dat Ton is a personal care system that was developed from the methods of practitioners from North India to Thailand. Reusi Dat Ton is an investigation, relaxation, and stimulation of the body, it"s tendons, ligaments, nerves, blood, tissue and pathways. Within this tradition, we practice chanting, breathing techniques, face massage, postures, meditations, and daily habits of safe keeping.
These techniques allow for healthy adjustments to one's digestion, breathing, mental states, and help to strengthen and open the flexibility of the physical body. In our classes, techniques and postures are approached with incredible detail, allowing for deep learning and clarity. Adjustments and modifications are suggested along the way so that each student can work within their comfort range.
For those studying Thai massage, RDT is the root of our massage practice, and through studying it, we are able to better understand anatomy, physiology and kinesiology and medical sciences from the Thai perspective. With this understanding, our massage becomes clearer, our view of the medicine more accurate, and our bodies more conducive to continue working into old age."

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