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"A descendant of somatic/body-based therapies, OI integrates psychobiological science, positive psychology, complex systems theory, with mindfulness, image work, and somatic awareness to restore the felt-sense of safety, wellness and wholeness. Rather than focusing on pathology and trauma, OI helps clients connect to and build on innate resilience. OI supports healing from the nervous system up by interrupting harmful patterns related to stress/trauma and redirecting attention and energy toward ease and inherent resource.Berkley is a resilience coach and somatic healer in the Organic Intelligence tradition. Organic Intelligence is a theory and clinical practice based on mind/body connection, nervous system regulation, compassion, and resiliency to resolve the devastating effects of stress, trauma, and PTSD. This somatic practice works with our human biology to increase a sense of capacity, integration, and orientation to pleasure so we can be fully engaged in our lives."

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