Schizoaffective Disorder

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"CBT in general has been shown to be helpful for a wide variety of mental and emotional problems. It is a common-sense form of talk therapy, where the therapist helps the client experiment with changing thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors in ways that might help resolve problems. While many people have been told that talk therapy is useless for the problems with experiences such as voices, paranoia and odd beliefs., there is now extensive research that shows that talking with a person who understands how to work with these problems can actually be quite helpful.What about the relationship between this kind of therapy and medications? Many people are already taking antipsychotic medications, but they find that big problems continue despite the medication, and they would like some other way to deal with those problems. Other people would like to reduce or get off antipsychotic medications, or have never started medications and want to try a psychological rather than a medical approach. CBT has been shown to be possibly helpful in all of these kinds of cases.n active role for yourself: Often people diagnosed with psychosis are simply told that there is something wrong with their brain, and that nothing can be done about it except to take medication. Cognitive therapy is different: you and I will work together to find alternative ways of looking at things, thinking about things, and acting, so that your problems will be reduced or resolved"

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