School or Work Adjustments

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"Children and adults alike sometimes have trouble with school or work adjustments to an unfamiliar environment, such as a new school or workplace.The problem may stem from the individual"s unique disposition, as well as psychological disorders, traumatic experiences, and much more. This is where school / work adjustment counseling comes in.With the help of a work adjustment counselor at Oregon Counseling, adults are able to learn not only how to survive but also thrive in a workplace through specialized training activities aimed at developing good work habits and job retention skills. These can include attendance, punctuality, productivity, and the balance between working independently, with others and/or under supervision.Similarly, the primary purpose of a school adjustment counselor is to help your child manage their challenging academic program while developing the skills to function within the school"s social network. Through one-on-one meetings in a nurturing setting, your child is provided with the moral and emotional support that they need in order to deal with any underlying problems and insecurities. This, in turn, helps ensure homework completion, improved performance on tests and enhanced confidence in social situations."

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