Sensory Processing & Modulation

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The ability to use our senses (vision, auditory, olfactory, gustatory, tactile, proprioception, vestibular) smoothly and effortlessly to receive, interpret, and optimally react to information from our environment allows us to perform everyday tasks successfully and efficiently. When these abilities are not functioning well (either on their own or in relation to each other) these same activities can become very challenging and frustrating. Everyday tasks such as: tolerating brushing teeth, wearing shoes and socks, eating certain foods, sitting still in class, playing on playground equipment, or just being inside a busy supermarket can lead to overexcited behavior, anxiety, and/or long-lasting and highly charged meltdowns. Being able to identify and address these challenges can help children improve their confidence and success when interacting with the world around them. I have the knowledge and experience to help your family find solutions to these challenging situations, including but not limited to:
Gravitational Insecurity
Movement Seeking
Movement Avoiding
Pressure Seeking
Tactile Defensiveness
Auditory Sensitivities
Vestibular Dysfunctions
Visual Perceptual and Processing Challenges
"Picky" Eating"

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