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Willow Rose LPC, CHT at SpiritWell is a Mental Health Counselor specializing in Mental Health Counseling in Springfield Oregon (OR) and More!
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"It is the nature of life to hold both opportunity and challenge. In response to our history, circumstances and gifts, we create ways of feeling, thinking and relating that allow us to live each day in the best ways we can imagine at the time.

But one day we may awake and discover we are challenged by a sudden loss, unexpected or mysterious event or life transition we cannot easily resolve. An old hurt may have emerged tugging awareness away from daily tasks and not allowing restful sleep. Or we are abruptly faced with the recognition that personal beliefs upon which we have based our life no longer support who we believe we are, or who we desire to become.We may have finally arrived at a point of exhaustion with the struggle; or a sudden unwillingness to continue compromising with what has held us captive in life: whether this be a self-identity based on unworthiness, shame or guilt, or a life run by worrisome thoughts, sadness, or disempowerment.In the midst of these challenges, we may suddenly find ourselves struggling to manage overwhelming feelings, physical signs of stress, or uncomfortable thoughts with skills or choices that are no longer of benefit."

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