Slow-Motion Strength Training

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"Slow-motion strength training is often doctor recommended for older adults who need to add an exercise regime to their lifestyle. This is because slow-motion strength training won"t exacerbate any pre-existing medical conditions.dditionally, as we age, we lose muscle which can lead to poor health, a compromised immune system and unexpected injuries due to falls and loss of bone density.The key to preventing this from happening is to keep your body healthy and strong by engaging in a safe, yet intense exercise program like high-intensity, slow-motion strength training.Slow-motion strength training was originally developed by Ken Hutchins based on numerous studies of people suffering from osteoporosis and other medical conditions.
As you build muscle, you will directly increase bone density by releasing growth hormones as well as putting stress on your bones, making them stronger, healthier, and less prone to breaks or fractures.s you gain muscle mass, this will also serve to improve your balance as well as protect your bones, guarding them against unexpected injury and cushioning the blow in case you fall."

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