Social Anxiety Skills Group

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"Social Anxiety is the single most common mental health issue in schools today. If left untreated, Social Anxiety has negative implications for student well being since it impacts all aspects of a student"s life including attendance, classroom participation, learning, and social relationships.
The Social Anxiety Skills Group uses a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy curriculum developed specifically for students with Social Anxiety.
The goal of the group is to enhance your skills and confidence to more fully participate in social situations such as:
Casual get togethers with friends
Talking to teachers or other adults in positions of authority
Asking questions in class
Giving presentations in front of peers
Meeting new people
Introducing yourself
Working in groups
Performing for family and friends
Ordering food in restaurants and drive-thrus
Making and receiving phone calls
Eating with friends
Exercising in front of others
Getting picture taken
Disagreeing with someone
Asserting yourself
This group meets weekly for 8 weeks. There are 6-8 participants in each group."

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