Somatic and Trauma Release Counseling

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Marna Cathleen offers Somatic Therapy in Eugene, OR. Get help with anxiety, depression, grief & loss, life transitions, stress management, PTSD, & more.
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"Somatic Psychotherapy is a body-centered therapy that explores the connection between the mind and the body. This approach uses both traditional talk therapy with somatic techniques. We will use body-mind exercises that will help you release anxiety, depressed emotions and trauma that are negatively impacting your physical and emotional health.Mindfulness is the tool that allows you to connect the mind and body. You will be guided into somatic experiencing exercises that will enhance your awareness of your body"s sensations so that you begin to understand your bodies language and it innate wisdom.To free the body from the mind we need to build internal awareness. Somatic therapy strengthens your internal awareness to unlock patterns that bounce back and forth between the minds and our bodies, and affect our behaviors, our reactions and how we respond to life."

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