Soul Blossoming

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"When fully embodied, our divine Spirit, our Soul is in usfully felt, fully here, fully one with our being. Not something we want to connect with, but the connection itself. Not something we reach for, but something within us.IS us.
By "embodiment," I mean the choice we make to incarnate, to enter the material world and to dwell here. It is a process by which we, as spiritual beings, come to ground more and more fully as our unique selves in our flesh, bones, and blood on planet Earth.
Even if I don"t believe I "chose this," I still have this opportunity. The choice is mine to determine in what way I will or will not, engage with this adventure. One challenge is that the process of embodiment is not a mental process. It deeply requires ongoing commitment and awareness, "AS" the body that we are: every messy and amazing facet of it including physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
"Soul" is a word to describe the central or integral part of something, or it"s vital core, or essence. Soul does not reside in one place of the whole, but is woven throughout. Like breath, it animates the whole. The Latin"Spiritus," often translated as "the breath of life," relates to both the physical and spiritual relationship and connection between soul and embodiment. We also want to remember that the physical body, too, is Spirit supported and nourished by the subtle energy that flows and enlivens in so many ways. We are hard-wired for this connection.
It is common in our language to talk about body and/or mind, matter and/or spirit. A natural extension of this way of thinking is to imagine that to be more in tune with spirit we need somehow to leave our bodies behind. Or that being fully in our bodies, that we are somehow less spiritual or at least, less attuned to our spiritual nature. This polarization is inherently confusing and minimizing to what are really two inspired threads of the same tapestryboth are needed to unify the whole.
Each thread holds different qualities, stories and modes of communication. It is easy to become lost in one or the otherto escape from the physical by stepping into what is sometimes called "Spiritual Bypass (the choice to place primary focus on Spirit, so as not to take responsibility for physical or emotional healing); or to discard or run from the voice of the Soul calling us to step into healing and expansiveness, by turning instead to the physical world with distractions, addictions, fears and guilt.
Spiritual Malaise or Bereftness," is one way of describing the pain of feeling cut off from the connection of both Soul/Spirit and Soul Embodiment. This can manifest in deep yearnings that can never be fulfilled. No matter how many distractions, successes, control and power, the drone of something missing," is never far away."

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