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"Osteopathy is a non-pharmacological, "hands-on" approach that encourages the body to heal itself using the body's intrinsic forces and corrective mechanisms to achieve homeostasis. Osteopathy views the body as a FUNCTIONAL and HOLISTIC unit. Practitioners of osteopathic techniques believe that the body knows what is best for itself and therefore treatments should be aimed at strengthening the body's own defense mechanisms.Human Normalization Therapy (HNT) is defined as "a unique combination of manual therapy techniques derived from the principles of osteopathy with its main goal to "normalize' vascular, lymphatic, neurological, and fascial dysfunctions in the body.Focusing treatment on the most painful areas, in general, does not lead to complete and sustained relief, as the underlying dysfunction may be missed. Rather, a fundamental principle of osteopathy is to resolve the CORE problem, layer by layer. To do this, one must first locate and treat the AREA of GREATEST RESTRICTION (AGR). The AGR is the part of the body with the greatest dysfunction that also has the most influence on other systems of the body. Following that concept, you can work sequentially from the AGR through to the least restricted areas. This is called SEQUENCING. Because the underlying issue may be multi-faceted and complex, this approach will ensure both complete and lasting results."

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