Staying Connected In Your Relationship

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"Staying connected in your relationship - Creating a foundations and offering support so you both feel heard.
Improving communication - Interrupting patterns that don't serve your relationship, and providing tools and strategies so you can understand your partner and yourself better.
Daily stressors - Navigating work and too little time together, financial stressors, stress management, personal responsibility, anger, depression, anxiety, trauma, grief & loss, conflict and working towards a common goal.
Social concerns- Concerns about, or differences in need for family, work and community support, feelings of isolation, discrimination, religion, ethnicity, culture, health condition, age, disability, education, socio-economic standing.
Same sex marriage issues- Sex and intimacy issues, public display of affection, emotional cheating, family building, assisted reproduction, adoption, surrogacy, parenting and co-parenting, legal/medical discrimination, navigating past relationships, divorce or dissolution."

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