Subtle Energy Medicines

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"Broadly speaking, science describes energy as information that vibrates. In the writing of Aristotle, the word energy is derived from the Greek, "energeia", meaning "being at work." This vital force is the impetus behind all movement and activity and we often use the word as a measure of how we are feeling, such as "feeling full or lacking energy."Every thing is made of energy expressed as patterns, and this understanding is the cornerstone of energy medicine and healing. Some patterns we can see and experience through our five senses: sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch. Other patterns are too subtle for our senses to pick upmost humans can not physically see a thought, taste a feeling, smell intuition or touch the sky. Yet these subtle energies have enormous influence on the state of our health.There is a Spectrum of layered Energy fields that simultaneously occupy different planes in the same spectrum of life. You might think of these layers as beginning with the most "dense" to the more "light." From a scientific perspective, the three energy layers are name: Physical, Quantum and Subtle."

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