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"All forms of birth result in a natural depletion of a woman"s body. As such, all forms of the postpartum process need great care. In our experience, massage is an excellent way to process this tender time and to reestablish health in both the abdomen and mind.
Our Caring massage is a reset which begins with soothing abdominal massage. Abdominal massage is an essential method of healing, which tenderly releases layers of tension and restriction. This session will rejuvenate the low abdomen, back, spine and digestive system, and will lift the lower muscles and structures. With it"s surprising level of release and uplifting, abdominal massage frees tension related to pregnancy and helps the body to recover from pelvic trauma.
Herbal compresses are used to assist the body in flushing away excess fluid in the abdomen and legs, allowing the our client to literally get back on her feet with proper strength and alignment. They also help to knit the abdominal muscles back together and strengthen the core."

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