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Cleaning the home of a hoarder is a difficult task that requires effective planning, detailed execution, and the right equipment. Our professionals apply their expertise to ensure proper debris removal, biohazard disposal, content cleaning for salvageable items, and general cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing services.
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"According to research, an estimated 2 percent to 5 percent of Americans suffer from hoarding, which is officially recognized as a mental disorder. It can be associated with OCD, anxiety disorder, depression and more. It is dangerous to the hoarder, their loved ones and those living in close proximity.Fire is the number ONE danger. When there are more contents in a home or building, especially paper, cloth and flammable items, there is more fuel for a fire. Limited access to the home as well as within it. This makes it more dangerous for the inhabitants as well for emergency responders. Not to mention the added danger to neighbors and their homes from the intensely hot, fast burning fire that occurs in these situations.Hoarding is not limited to a specific age, race, gender or nationality. Hoarding behavior can begin early in life but is more prevalent in older adults. They are unaware that their living circumstances pose a danger to themselves and to others. They are also unable to change unsafe conditions on their own."

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