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"Everyone loves to be offered a job, but I don"t know anyone that says, "I just love to interview for a job!" Why don"t people like to interview? Because you never know what a potential employer is going to ask you. (One time, I was given the questions in the lobby right before the interview. Not much help, except that I could read the question again to buy a little time before I answered.)So, over the years, I have developed the strategy of flipping the behavioral approach to my advantage. I pretend that I am going to experience a behavioral interview and I prepare and practice.But, what is a behavioral question, you may ask? It is a question probing for specifics about how you performed or reacted in a past employment related scenario. Your answers are clues to who you are and what you have to offer a potential employer, based on the assumption that past performance or past behavior is a predictor of how you will respond in the future."

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