The intention of Breathwork

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"The intention of breathwork is to connect you with the power and virtues of the Heart,unconditional Love, abundant energy, forgiveness, acceptance, compassion, a profound sense of connectedness and wholeness these are some of the qualities and experiences that breathwork, also know as "Breath Meditation" unveils. This practice is an access point to living with a sense of fulfillment and joy. As the breath opens and releases layers of stagnant energy, I hold space for you to go deeper into the experience, to move past resistance and trust the innate wisdom, insight, and love that heals. When we open and accept the parts of ourselves that we keep hidden, love arises and healing occurs as a result. If we get down to it, Love is what we"re all here to experience and share. Breathwork opens us to that Love.Breathwork is a healing method that uses an ancient breathing technique to quiet the mind and release deep seated impressions, emotions, and latent pathogens from the physical and subtle energy system. By letting go of tightly held thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, the physical body relaxes and opens to a greater flow of energy. As a result of freeing up energy in the body, the mind becomes clear and focused, and for many a new sense of life purpose and direction arise. The breath reverberates subtly at first, gently opening the body. Then as the energy begins to culminate a choice point arises, when the client can choose to let go and open to a deep sense of peace and love. As the physical crux of an issue dissolves, often people experience freedom in one session that was absent in years of other treatment."

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