The Law of Attraction and Frequencies

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"The Law of Attraction and Frequencies that"s is what this is all about. These seem to be buzz-words of the day so let"s see how simple we can make it.You hold the keys to your own health and vitality. Through intention and sound we simply help you unlock your potential.When our soul, mind, heart, and body come into harmony with our divine essence we feel light and joyous, heard, seen, known. I like to think of it as we hold more light, or "vibrate at a higher frequency". When we have traumatic or stressful experiences that are painful, out of alignment with our truth, or dense with fear and they do not get resolved or expressed, our body stores them. They are stored in our "cellular memory", even our DNA, and make us more dense, or cause us to "vibrate at a lower frequency". After a while, these unresolved, stored up dense energies or misalignments manifest as dis-ease, illnesses, or inefficient patterns of behavior.During a session we call upon your divine nature, your "light body", your most radiant state and purest source and invite your divine essence to retune you through our songs, sounds, loving care and attention. We literally invite your angels and soul to play us like instruments, and we get the privilege of feeling deep unconditional love for you. During this process your cells get reminded that they are beautiful, creative, and cherished and even though we are acting as agents of the Divine, it is a relationship with you and your true nature that is doing the work. The places that have stored pain get to be re-tuned. Many times Bob and I can even "hear" higher truths or "see" initial traumas as they let go. Sometimes there is homework to help you love yourself more, or to support you in drawing boundaries, or changing behavior, but it is always about "feeling/seeing" you hold more of your light, beauty, and truth."

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