The Psilocybin Experience

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"The Experiential Session. Our Psilocybin Facilitators and Healing Staff work together to provide a safe, supportive healing environment where participants can explore their inner world and connection with source energy. Staff take care to monitor your individual needs, even if you are participating in a small group experience, as to whether you are too cold or hot, need the comfort of a weighted blanket, ethical supportive touch (which is discussed and agreed upon before a plant medicine session), coaching on breathing into uncomfortable emotions, and unconditional support and compassionate presence to assist you with feeling safe in confronting and befriending scary, illuminated, or unknown parts of yourself. Our trained staff are present for your whole journey to help you in gentle, subtle, yet impactful ways that only "someone who has been there" can provide.
Integrations Sessions. The action of psilocybin's neurogenesis process lasts longer than the actual experience. That"s why follow-up integration sessions are a key component in educating and empowering clients, helping them bring back what they've experienced during their psychedelic and healing experience into their daily life. Integration counseling sessions are ideally scheduled a day to three days following the session, or the following week. There are never too many integration sessions. Our integration sessions help you process and make meaning out of what happened during your psilocybin experience. These sessions help you understand and work with expanded and contracted mind, spiritual and emotional states, and bring the precious insights gained while in your heightened conscious and open hearted state back into your daily life. That's what we're good at."

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