The Threshold Program

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"Drug and Alcohol Intervention
Time and experience have shown us repeatedly that recovery is more than possible: It is probable - with help and commitment.
Threshold is a higher intensity (ASAM Level II) program or intensive outpatient program. We provide a 12-week minimum of group sessions that meet up to three times per week. In addition, our counselors provide individual one-on-one sessions bi-weekly as well as family sessions. The Threshold road to recovery uses established best practices like motivational enhancement and cognitive behavioral therapy to examine the roles, rules, and relics of unhealthy relationships and begin the reshaping process. We empower the individual to make decisions about themselves and support them as they make changes. In this way, our clients resolve problems created by addictive behavior and dependency.
Because we want to make treatment accessible and affordable to all, we accept all major insurance coverage as well as the Oregon Health Plan. Upon completion of Phase I, Threshold offers 12 months of continuing care."

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