The Undefended Heart

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"The Undefended Heart Intensive begins each October and runs until Mid-May. The current series is a blend of the original Undefended Heart series and the "Furthering the Undefended Heart" series held during the depths of the Pandemic. During the months, we will engage a deep process of releasing ourselves from those places where we protect and defend the heart against others, and against life. To meet this challenge, we will learn the practice of spiritual warriorship. To state it simply, this approach to life is the unconditional practice of relating to every difficult circumstance as an opportunity for personal evolution and growth. Every internal or external event, however small or big, shows us where we close in judgment or resistance to what is. To choose to open, to utilize whatever strategy we have to accomplish that, lessens the power of others or life conditions to direct our emotions and behavior. In other words, we become less dependent on outward conditions for our wellbeing; instead, well being arises from our more consciously awakened perspective. From there, we have much to offer: truly evolved action toward a better world that does not issue forth from a polarized place, but from a place of great openness and compassion.
The Undefended Heart Series will also provide a place to practice radical honesty regarding our story of the self, and the world. A place to realize that it is our thoughts and beliefs about our 'self' which cause us to protect, defend and suffer. In short, we come to come to know the real 'truth': you are not your story, and our narrow focus on that obscures the expansive, uninhibited and brilliant awareness which is you."

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