Times of Transition

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Quoted From: https://www.ninahofmeijer.com/classes

"Getting married, having a baby, changing jobs or returning to work, ending a relationship, enduring a loss, or experiencing middle-age - these are vulnerable moments when Life really has our attention. These times can feel heavy, but they are magical opportunities for identifying, healing, and releasing illusions, fears, disappointments, anxieties, and deep unresolved wounds. You may feel helpless as your mind pulls you into endless loops of past experiences and possible outcomes. Come, let"s talk. This is your life inviting you to grow and heal. In fleeting moments of bliss, our lives and our self-image line up perfectly with our ideals, our ideas of "what should be". The rest of the time, something is falling short, and the desperation to "fix" all that is not perfect can cause frustration, resentment, anger and anxiety. With guidance, these conflicts can be transformed into love, compassion, trust and a greater peace than you ever thought possible."

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