To Love and Be Loved Couples Retreat

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"What is more important in our lives than loving and feeling loved? What is more important than to feel positively connected to the person we have chosen as our beloved? And though we often begin our relationships with that love and connection, why is it that over time we lose the power of what we knew so well in the beginning? And most importantly, how do we get it back and keep it alive?With great compassion and deep acceptance we look, together, at what in our lives and within our minds keeps us from having the loving connection that we long for. We learn to take complete responsibility for our part in the relational dynamic and learn essential skills to change it. Skills such as facing and releasing the criticisms and judgments of our partner that divides us and the power of presence to help us understand and accept what is within our own mind and heart and that of our beloved. We explore and learn the tools and practices to maintain the qualities of love and connection over the life of your relationship."

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