To Love and Be Loved Couples Retreat

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"We invite you to join us for a weekend like no other, as you explore and deepen your most important relationship. In this retreat for couples, you will find a powerfully renewed sense of connection, passion and love and discover the skills to maintain it over time. We invite you to open to the powerful personal and spiritual evolution that is held within your relationship with your beloved.
At the heart of this retreat is the recognition that the journey of long-term harmonious relationship requires effort and commitment to create the fulfillment of our desire for heartfelt connection and companionship. This effort and commitment is the daily practice of relationship and to us, there is no better work. One of our favorite relational teachers and author, Terry Real, says "In order to have an extraordinary relationship, you have to behave extraordinarily." We completely agree, and we know this does not happen without daily tending and practice.
This practice of relationship is deep spiritual work, work in which we are called to face some of the most difficult challenges of being human accepting others as they are and the life we have with them as it is, and within that acceptance to strive to bring forth our best to our beloved. It involves the willingness to look deeply within ourselves to understand our contribution to relational dynamic and to be willing to make the necessary changes. It requires us to bring attention and intention to the care and nurturing of the relationship we share. Just as spiritual practice requires daily meditations and prayers, the practice of relationship requires daily dedication and tending to ourselves and our partners. The practice is, essentially, to turn toward our partner in recognition that they can truly be our greatest teachers."

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