Transformational Bodywork

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"My clients come to me with a wide range of tension patterns, physical ailments, and emotional stresses. I see my clients as whole and intelligently embodied with an innate healing capacity. My work offers kind and strong pressure - encouraging a re connection to your grounded presence.

I have a number of modalities that I have collected in my 20 years as a massage therapist. Over the last several years though, I have grown more and more into using Biodynamic Massage, taught by Todd Jackson LMT of Portland, OR. This is essentially deep tissue work that incorporates an important energetic element that draws upon these innate healing abilities as the guide. For me this involves tuning into my client"s subtle fluid and spatial systems, listening to where I am prompted to go and allowing change to occur rather than trying to make things happen. Through this process, long-held trauma, as well as injury and chronic patterns that limit the expression of the natural ease are released and opens the gates to comfort and openness that is available to us from within.

This transformational bodywork opens the gate to an expanded range of options for being, within your own body."

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