Transformative Healing Is Possible

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"Transformative healing is possible. We have seen it. We have felt it. Yet not everyone needs a transformation in order to heal. Sometimes people simply need support, guidance, and someone to walk alongside them in their time of need. At our center we strive to meet people where they are in their healing journey, in their transformations. Central to our center is the offering of mental health services to individuals, intimate partners, families, and groups; yet, we are excited that the Center for Transformative Healing encompasses so much more. Therapists, just like clients, are also multi-faceted humans who find themselves needing nurturance and support while on their own healing and learning journeys; so we joyfully provide systemic, relationally-based clinical supervision, consultation, and training to therapists and other helping professionals. Lastly, we engage in clinical research that helps us to answer important questions related to our mission of providing the highest quality care, in partnership with our community, and doing our part to mitigate barriers to accessing mental health services."

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