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"My approach to therapy emphasizes working together to deepen your understanding of yourself and the problems you are struggling with. My goal is to create a supportive therapeutic relationship to help you navigate difficult transitions, heal from painful experiences, and explore problematic behaviors and patterns. I help clients with a broad range of mental health and relationship issues. I specialize in helping mothers and fathers with the challenges of parenthood, including mood and anxiety disorders during pregnancy and the postpartum period. I also work extensively with young adults including undergraduate and graduate students.I integrate several treatment modalities and maintain a flexible approach depending on your needs and goals for therapy. I use a predominately psychodynamic framework, which emphasizes exploring the underlying causes of symptoms as opposed to focusing on symptoms themselves. This can lead to deep, lasting, and meaningful change. I also draw upon cognitive behavioral and mindfulness strategies, which can help alleviate symptoms when they are causing intense distress or significantly interfering with functioning. Perhaps the most important feature of our work together will be the collaborative process of discovering what is most helpful for you."

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