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"Children perceive and react to stress in a variety of different ways. When confronted with uncomfortable and stressful situations many children become anxious, sad, or angry. Frequently they are unable to process and react to these feelings in a calm controlled manner, thus intense and long-lasting meltdowns can occur as a way to express and process through these 'big emotions'. While sometimes it's easy to identify what triggers these intense emotional reactions, sometimes it is not.

Tumbleweeds Pediatric Therapy helps families and children better identify the root causes of these highly charged moments and provides strategies to help your little one better cope with life's tough moments. I utilize a variety of evidence-based approaches to activate the 'relaxation' (parasympathetic) part of the nervous system and improve emotional regulation, including but not limited to:

Mindfulness Training

Children's Yoga

Deep Breathing

Sensory Strategies

Outdoor/Nature-Based Activities

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy"

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