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Quoted From: https://www.easefulevolution.com/tuning-and-toning

"Tuning and Toning is a great way to receive. It is a type of energy medicine. Tuning and Toning uses instruments of sound to create vibration, energetic release and movement in your body. Your body is generally made up of 60% water and sound creates physical vibrations and movement in water. So, using tools such as voice, a tuning fork, singing bowls, and music provides a wash of sound around and throughout your body, which in turn creates varied vibrations and frequencies that release dense energy, soothe stressed emotions and relax tense muscles.
A Tuning & Toning session is similar to receiving acupuncture as a tuning fork is used to deliver healing energy and sound to meridian points on your body. Certain vocal tones or words, chimes and singing bowls are also used to add potency to the healing session. Each session uses an intuitive process in order to follow the needs of you and your body.
After a Tuning & Toning session your mind will be quiet, your emotions will be calm and your body will be tranquil. Your senses will also be heightened and you will you want to rest in dreamy contemplation."

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