Unleash Your Inner Rebel

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"Individual Therapy For Overwhelmed, Stressed Out Bi Women
How often do you catch yourself saying "Yes" when you"re really thinking "Hell no"?
When did you learn that your needs mattered less than everyone else's? That your job was to help others, and not take up too much space?
Growing up, you were probably seen as mature, responsible, independent. Inside was an anxious worrier, struggling to juggle the adult-sized burdens on your little shoulders.
You learned to anticipate the needs of others.
You were praised for it. It felt good to be visible. To be trusted by the adults around you.
Fast forward, and here you are - a perfectionist, who"s good at just about everything, but not sure who you are.
It's time to step out of the script society handed you and write your own. Let"s kick people-pleasing anxiety to the curb, uncover, and embrace your inner rebel.
No apologies needed.
Let"s rediscover and embrace your authentic kick-ass self."

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