Veterans Program

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"EMERGENCE has been serving veterans, both men and women, in our program since 2000. We welcome them, as they arrive in our program through the criminal justice system due to addictions being out of control, domestic violence assaults, and other criminal behavior that has developed after traumatic experienced suffered as a result of serving in the military or being active duty in wars on foreign soils. We also address trauma that comes with living the lifestyles related to many addictions.EMERGENCE assesses the individual to evaluate their primary need and places them with a primary mental health and addictions therapist who will assist them to address their addiction and mental health issues. Many come into the program having severe struggles with mental and physical health barriers and need for medications, housing, food, financial stability and overall advocacy and support. EMERGENCE offers comprehensive, wrap-around services, directly implemented by primary care management, to help them stabilize their health and well-being. We work in partnership with the Veteran"s Administration to get all benefits and health needs addressed.EMERGENCE offers a venue of safety for veterans to share their experiences, challenge their struggles with others that have similar issues, and work through the hardships of being a warrior and needing to ask for help. As a part of their program, they participate in individual therapy with mental health therapists skilled in working with trauma and PTSD, and building skill in mindfulness and relaxation techniques that facilitate de-stressing."

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