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In addition to Eugene, we proudly provide Alzheimer's care in Springfield, Cottage Grove, Pleasant Hill, Junction City, Rogue Valley, and the neighboring areas.
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"An Alzheimer's diagnosis is a terrifying thing. It also brings with it alot of big questions. How can you keep your loved one safe? Can they remain at home? Visiting Angels Eugene offers compassionate answers to these questions and more with our in-home Alzheimer's care option. By sending a skilled and sensitive caregiver directly into their home to provide Alzheimer's care on site, we can help your loved one to stay there and minimize the risk to their health.t Visiting Angels Eugene, we understand that Alzheimer's and dementia are complex and ever-changing diseases. So to develop truly effective support strategies, we collaborated with the Alzheimer's Foundation of America. We can also work closely with your loved one's physician and other support staff to create a custom Alzheimer's care plan that perfectly compliments their existing routine. Best of all, our Alzheimer's care services at Visiting Angels Eugene are completely flexible. So besides being able to pick and choose which services suit your loved one best, you will also be able to choose exactly how often your loved one's caregiver should visit."

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