Wellness and Healthy Diet

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Health and Wellness Counseling is a holistic approach and takes into account your physical, emotional, sexual, intellectual, and spiritual aspects.
Quoted From: https://jochamberscounseling.com/wellness-and-healthy-diet/

"Many of us are raised to think that we should be able to handle everything on our own, and seeking counseling is a sign of weakness. I find in in my work that the opposite is generally true. As humans we are resilient, even if at times we feel and think we are not. Sometimes it might be hard to filter out all the "noise" from the environment and the many demands that life puts upon each of us. Many frustrating attempts to solve a problem may have failed, leading to a sense of helplessness and frustration. Most of us want relief from emotional pain and suffering. We want to be understood, and we want to have successful relationships.Usually therapy is sought after an upsetting crisis or event challenges our existing coping skills or brings up overwhelming feelings and distress. For example, counseling often begins when a marriage, or committed relationship, is in trouble, an illness or death occurs, a family member"s alcohol or drug addiction becomes too much to handle, or past trauma or abuse is triggered.t other times, our biology seems to have turned on us, as hormonal and/or situational events bring on feelings of depression, anger, worthlessness, or anxiety.Therapy can help relationships work better, teach ways to handle powerful feelings, bring relief from addictive behaviors, and support sobriety, increase self-esteem, relieve the wounds of abuse and trauma, and improve coping skills."

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