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"Emotional Freedom Techniques, also known as EFT or Tapping, has created so much change in my life. It has helped me unearth deeply suppressed emotions and trauma that needed to be released in order for me to be able to walk through life with more stability, maturity and centeredness.
EFT has been my go-to self-care tool for so long that I think everyone knows about it. However, it has come to my attention that I am apparently mistaken. So, I am excited to tell you all about it!
Emotional Freedom Techniques was developed by Gary Craig in the 90"s and is an easy way to create a long-lasting physical, emotional and energetic shift in the body by using just 1-2 fingers. It is a complimentary therapy, meaning it pairs well with any other therapies that you may be participating in. EFT uses a combination of ancient chinese acupressure and modern psychology.
Scientifically speaking, tapping quickly gets to the core of the issue, helps to rewire the brain, soothes the amygdala, and creates a sense of safety in the body in order to ease stress and release trauma. EFT has also been known to relieve chronic pain, emotional problems, disorders, addictions, phobias, and physical diseases.The process of EFT/Tapping is simple. You gently tap on certain meridian points on the body. A meridian point can be defined as an energetic highway in the body. Meridians allow for the flow of energy, known as Qi (pronounced "chee"), to circulate throughout the body. Stimulating the meridian points while using simple verbal cues brings any charged emotions, physical blocks, and stuck energy to the surface. As you move through the points, pain, emotions, beliefs and perspectives that been stuck in your body for far too long are shifted and finally released. As a result, you feel more spacious, centered, clear and ready for the next steps. That is why I love it so much."

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