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What is sleep apnea? Our Eugene, OR sleep doctor and Better Sleep Eugene team can help you better understand snoring, airway obstruction, and how to treat sleep apnea.
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"Sleep apnea is a sneaky disorder largely because patients often go through life assuming they don"t have it, even if they do. When you go to bed like you normally do, but wake up feeling exhausted, you may find yourself pushing it off anyway or supplementing your grogginess with caffeine. While 25 million Americans are expected to deal with the symptoms of sleep apnea today, that number is only going up year after year. As a result, many patients ask us questions like "What is sleep apnea? What are the causes? Are there symptoms? Is treatment available?"Simply put, sleep apnea is a disorder where a person can"t achieve deep sleep because of momentary lapses in breathing. These moments (or apneas) generally last about 10 seconds, but can happen hundreds of times per hour. This results in repeatedly interrupted sleep cycles, preventing people from getting the regenerative sleep they need to remain healthy and functional.fter breathing is interrupted, a few things begin to happen. At first, the body goes into panic mode, which makes blood pressure rise dramatically. Even after breathing goes back to normal and the person is awake, this spike can remain, increasing their risk for heart disease and stroke. Next, the body wakes up halfway so that normal breathing can occur. Many people don"t even realize all of this is happening, leaving them confused as to why they feel tired all the time."

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