What is Somatic Therapy?

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Quoted From: https://www.sarahkaufman.org/somatic-experiencing

"Somatic therapy takes as its basic orientation the recognition that mind and body are not separate. Where traditional "talk therapy" preferences the experiences of the mind and cognition, somatic therapy sees the inclusion of the body as essential in the healing of trauma, release of stress and in overall wellness, both physical and mental.
Science is now affirming what many cultures and wisdom traditions have long knownthat our mind/body has an innate ability to process and integrate emotional, spiritual and physical stress when given supportive conditions to do so.
While talking about your problems, feelings and needs is a part of somatic therapy, a somatic approach also helps you to cultivate awareness of your body by inviting movement, identifying and exploring alternatives to habituated pattern of physical stress and developing knowledge of your nervous system. You may be asked to notice what you feel in your body, track body sensations and physical manifestations of feelings, and be invited to explore gentle movement, breath awareness, mindfulness and other somatic skills. These skills can help your nervous system build capacity to process and integrate distressing experience, both past and present, without getting overwhelmed or retraumatized.
An aim of somatic therapy is to support mind/body in deepening and broadening awareness of yourself and the world with presence and vitality. Somatic therapy can help you to move from habituated patterns towards empowered, effective and life affirming choices in response to both the past and present."

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