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"With such a staggering number of marriages ending in divorce, many couples are choosing to explore the path of marriage counseling. Whether you"re beginning the process early on in your marriage, in the thick of a difficult season, or as a last resort in effort to save what has been broken, marriage counseling is always a great option to seek in your relationship. While it is not always guaranteed that it will be completely effective and "save" your marriage, it can be a very useful and successful effort in healing and pursuing a healthier and happier marriage. If you"re not familiar with the process of marriage counseling or counseling in general, initiating the journey can feel daunting. It"s hard to know where to begin and who to turn to. Then once have made the appointment, you probably don"t know what to expect from the experience. The unknowns and questions can make it all harder than it needs to be. If you"re beginning the journey of seeking support with your partner, keep reading to learn more about what to expect at marriage counseling.
What is marriage counseling?
Marriage counseling is a service provided by a mental health professional, that offers you and your partner a safe, confidential and supportive space to share openly and process any hardships you are facing. A marriage counselor will serve as a neutral third party, who can help you to navigate the conflicts and issues that you are struggling to resolve between you and your partner alone. With the help of a marriage counselor, you and your partner will look at the history of your relationship and what has happened up until that point and work with you to process those experiences and identify the ways they are impacting your relationship currently. In marriage counseling, you will hopefully be able to work through the past and present, in order to have a stronger and healthier future together.
Marriage counseling is becoming more common and also more openly talked about in our society. Historically, it was something stigmatized, just like all other forms of mental health counseling. The thought was typically that if you were seeking counseling for your marriage, it was somehow "broken" or "less than". The misconception was that in order to turn to marriage counseling, your marriage is in a terrible place and you are desperately seeking anything to save it. And maybe at some point, that was the truth. But now it"s more commonly known that marriage counseling has a place and purpose in every relationship; whether it"s in a good or bad place. There is no requirement to be in marriage counseling and it certainly isn"t always an indication that there is even anything "wrong" in the relationship. Therapy is useful at any point in a marriage."

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