Who may find CBT Therapy helpful, and how effective is it?

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The main idea behind CBT is that behavioral habits can be "unlearned." The therapist and client work together to discover techniques that can help.
Quoted From: https://edifytherapy.com/services/cbt-therapy-and-counseling/

"CBT may be helpful for anyone experiencing mental or physical health issues that they may be struggling with in the present. These problems could come from a source of Addiction, Anxiety, an Eating Disorder, or another cause. All of these experiences are perfectly normal, and CBT can work as a possible solution. No matter where the obstacle comes from, CBT works to identify and break habits that a client may have formed over time. Therefore anyone who has a cognitive or behavioral pattern that they would like to stop has the potential to benefit from CBT. This type of therapy is effective not only during therapy sessions but also in our day-to-day lives.
The techniques often taught in CBT focus on helping a person combat their present symptoms, for example, learning how to calm an anxiety attack when they are in public or at home. In this section, we have discovered that CBT can help people gain more control over the symptoms troubling them."

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