Who may find Couples Counseling helpful?

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Couples counseling is offered by trained, professional therapists who can help guide a couple towards achieving their relationship goals.
Quoted From: https://edifytherapy.com/services/couples-counseling-and-therapy/

"A couple may decide to go to Counseling for a variety of reasons. This can be about lack of communication, Anxiety, Depression, infidelity, physical problems, financial concerns, and more. In fact, a couple may attend therapy if they are perfectly happy. Sometimes it is helpful for a partnership to work out problems before they occur to avoid them altogether! However, treatment isn"t just about working out problems; it"s also about recognizing the good in a person"s partner. therapist will often assign homework to ensure that the couple is continuing to do the right things. They can adjust their goals as they go to help the couple achieve steps towards happiness. Sometimes counseling can be extremely helpful for a couple who needs a professional referee to help regulate their day-to-day interactions as well as their arguments. Over time, a pair can learn how to recognize the good in their partner and change for the better.Because Couples Therapy is a form of talk therapy, there is nothing largely different about it online versus in-person. However, it can be more challenging for an online therapist to read the body language of their clients. In-person therapy has the benefit of the therapist being in the room with the couple. This way, they can quickly interject, re-direct the conversation, and read the couple"s whole body language. However, online therapy has no effect on the therapist"s ability to come up with solutions, new topics, and techniques for their clients to work on."

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