Who Needs Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

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"Loved ones and friends often want to seek help but may not know how. Helping a loved one or friend through a rough patch could likely lead to their full recovery. Our outcomes data has shown 35% of clients had family involved in their treatment program. Lower the likelihood of relapse by showing up when it matters the most.Oregon has always suffered from high rates of illicit drug use. In the midst of the pandemic, the Kaiser Family Foundation said that as overdoses increased, so did mental health issues. They reported 26.7% of adults in Oregon suffer from anxiety or depressive disorder and haven"t sought treatment. Oregonians are suffering at a higher rate than the 24.2% national average.ccording to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, millions of people are affected by mental health conditions and may not even realize it. Most mental health issues begin to occur at the age of 14. Most people who have used drugs may not be aware of the underlying mental health symptoms they have. The voice of guilt and shame associated with substance use are rooted in those unspoken experiences. Unpacking those issues starts with treatment."

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