Wholistic Nutrition

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Quoted From: https://flourishmassagewellness.com/offerings/nutrition/

"Wholistic Nutritional Therapy offers a personalized journey into what makes you as an individual flourish using whole foods. Your current diet is assessed in accordance with goals and specific health concerns, and lifestyle patterns such as energy, sleep, mood, digestion and movement are taken into account. Concerns may range from wanting to be healthier overall and to eat what"s "right", or to correct imbalances in the body using whole foods as medicine.This formula is different for every person and at Flourish, those differences are honored and celebrated with the concept of becoming a ME-gan: "Eat what is right for you, and honor that what works, may shift." You will be guided in dietary and lifestyle changes in realistic ways to successfully achieve your health goals.Your kitchen make-over may include cleaning out your cupboards and replacing items that do not serve your health with wholesome foods that do, how to shop for wholesome foods, organizing your kitchen to allow cooking to be practical and easy, suggestions for cookware and storage containers if yours need replacing, and most importantly, making it beautiful and functional so your kitchen is a place where you want to be!"

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