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"Relationships of any kind play a huge part in the happiness and fulfillment of your life. Whether it is a romantic relationship with a significant other, a family relationship with a parent or sibling, or a life-long friendship, having people surrounding you who you can trust, count on, laugh with and feel supported by is an integral part of a truly happy life. Relationships go far beyond having people to "hang out" with, and the benefits go beyond helping you to feel less alone. While those are two huge benefits of having a community, they are not the only. Keep reading to learn the importance of personal relationships and how having people in your life can lead you to a place of completeness and joy.
The Importance of Healthy Relationships
As human beings, we all have an inherent need for community and companionship. From the moment we are born, our emotional and physical health and well-being is dependent on our initial attachment and connection. That need for companionship and relationship continues on into adulthood and shapes who we are as people and how we succeed and thrive in our lives. So much of life is personal and can be seen as independent; our careers, our hobbies, our home life, our self-care, etc. All of that CAN be done alone and without the help of others, but it doesn"t have to be. And science and history show that it actually shouldn"t be. There are several studies done and several theories established that have changed our understanding of human connection and the importance of relationships; theories about our inherent need for safe connection and how healthy relationships can truly enrich our lives. We all need the support and love of other human-beings more than we realize, and here"s why.
Components of a healthy relationship
Having relationships in your life is integral, but it is most important that these relationships are healthy. Unhealthy relationships can be toxic and detrimental to your overall health and counterproductive to the purpose of relationships.
Reciprocal trust
Mutual respect
Healthy boundaries
Open communication
Leading with love and kindness
Equal effort and commitment
People often assume that these components apply only or mostly to romantic relationships. While they are incredibly crucial in making a romantic partnership healthy and functional, they are also important in friendships and other relationships as well. Without these qualities, a relationship will not add joy and fulfillment to your life. They could, in fact, do just the opposite. It"s important that your relationships are life-giving and fulfilling, because the alternative can have the opposite effect on your health and well-being.
If your personal relationships are positive and healthy, there are many ways that they can benefit you"

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